Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

Website management and monitoring is an integral part of SEO work. It all depends on the site framework and functionality that the site offers to the end-user. The importance of website optimization is that this can help the site rank well in search engines i.e. Google. Websites are also developed using markup languages like HTML.

WordPress Plugins for SEO

However it isn’t everyone’s job to built websites using these languages. To make websites easy to develop for non coders the inception of CMS (content management system) was introduced and established. WordPress is one of the best CMS platform to build websites and it powers almost 40% of the entire site development across the web – source : Search engine journal. WordPress plugins for SEO are primarily designed and developed to make the site and its web pages SEO friendly.

What Are WordPress Plugins? And Why They Are Important in SEO.

A wordpress plugins is an extension or an add-on that improves the functionality of the site. These plugins are developed to make things easy for any user who is developing or designing websites using wordpress. WordPress is dependent on these plugins as without them you can or anyone cannot build the website.

For example, to add a beautiful layout theme, WordPress has thousands of themes in its database where you can apply or change and add to your site. Then there are page builder plugins that are used to design/develop web pages. These are very powerful & robust plugins used in creating pages on the site.

On the SEO side, these plugins also act as an improvement in UI/UX of the website. They help in optimising the site according to the best SEO practices. 

We all know that SEO isn’t easy, and viewing and implementation does require a lot of dedicated time and effort. WordPress plugins for SEO are made in such a way that in just a few clicks and minimal data entry work does the job. 

Why Do You Need WordPress Plugins for SEO Optimization?

75% of all people who use Google’s search engine never go beyond the first page of results, so you really need to put a lot of effort into using SEO tactics to optimize your site for that purpose. This way you can get relevant and organic traffic as well as driving conversions since Google has become everyone’s main tool when searching for something online.

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Other important elements that speak to excellent results for your website include the keywords you use to attract people searching for information, how well you understand what the searchers mean when they type in terms related to those topics, the file size of the images on your site and their effect on load times, and how well written (readable) your content is

Must Have WordPress Plugins for SEO

WordPress Plugins for SEO Optimization
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  1. Yoast SEO : Yoast SEO is a fantastic and very helpful plugin for your WordPress site that provides a great user interface and is quite straightforward as well. It has many features for SEO purposes as well to help  and optimise your content with focus keywords. Some of its features are listed here for you below:

Metadata Optimization

You can easily tailor the SEO settings of a WordPress website using Yoast. By using a simple to understand user interface, you can create a customised title for your website page, meta descriptions, and relevant URLs. Some additional features provided by Yoast include an SEO Report Card for analysing content optimization and social media integration for optimizing shares and likes so your blog posts are more likely to get ahead in search engine rankings!

  1. Rank Math SEO : Rank Math is one of the best SEO WordPress plugins on the market. It’s a great tool for SEO work that can be used in the WordPress dashboard. It lets you view your meta title and descriptions, which means that you don’t have to go to other sites or view source code just to see how your on page element looks. 

What makes this plugin a step above most competitors is how customised it is. Rather than using WordPress’s default theme, Rank Math uses its own custom framework, which allows for better speed optimization for less hassle or slow loading times when implementing the plugin on top of your current site.

  1. WP Super Cache :Page speed is now a significant ranking factor. The WP Super Cache plugin lets you ensure that your page load times across your site are as fast as possible. All you have to do is install this plugin and turn on the caching 


  1. Really Simple SSL : HTTPS connections are considered to be secure, so websites that use SSL/TLS certificates won’t get demoted in search rankings. Google shows these sites before others because they know these connections aren’t compromised by a 3rd party. For example, if an eCommerce store delivers products using HTTP rather than HTTPS, hackers could easily intercept sensitive data like credit card numbers or email addresses. Also, Google will not show the results of non-secure websites at all to its visitors.

Instead of directly working on the HTACCESS file’s configuration,  the Really Simple SSL  plugin streamlines the process by configuring it in the WordPress interface. You only need to download the plugin, make your web domain’s HTTPS version the default address, and the plugin will do the rest.

  1. Easy Table of Contents : The Easy Table of Contents SEO plugin creates an easy to use  table of contents that readers can use to jump to key content. It also has an automated feature that directly adds an HTML table into your web pages or posts, which then creates hyperlinks internally within the page.

Conclusion : The SEO plugins mentioned above will definitely make your SEO job easier. They have been tried and tested by many webmasters, developers & SEO professionals, and have also given positive results.
With the right SEO plugins and strategies to increase organic search traffic, there is no reason why your site shouldn’t be at the top of Google Search – and even get featured at the top in Google Rich Snippets!

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