A Beginners Guide to Ranking in SEO

In the world of search engine optimization, things and many aspects keep on changing. Therefore it becomes essential for webmasters and SEO professionals to constantly be updated on the latest news and trends. The outcome for SEO is to gain rankings in SERPS(search engine results page). Typically you can also call it the first page or any page of “Google” that displays the results. Ranking in SEO means to uplift the website ranking for search queries and to increase traffic to the website.

ranking in seo

However, various factors influence and impact rankings as well. It all depends on how the site resonates their content well with the user’s queries and following the guidelines laid down by “Google”.

What is ranking in SEO?

So ranking in SEO means to rank your website or URLs to the first page of “Google” with respect to keywords and position. The search visibility of a particular site can depend on how prominent the site or brand name is. Later in this blog, we are also going to cover the factors that enhance search visibility. I will be using the term “Google” rather than calling search engines. As we all know that Google dominated the entire search engine market, around 90% across the globe.

Before we understand the whole idea of ranking in SEO, it is essential for us to know what SEO stands for and how it helps in ranking.

What is SEO

Almost all the information on the term” SEO” across the internet will be the same. And for better understating, it is a technique to rank on google on the search terms what the user is searching for (Knows as “keywords”) based on the intent of the search query.

What is page ranking in SEO

Page ranking in SEO means to rank for a particular page or page URLs for the purpose of driving traffic to that specific page. During search engine optimization, we rank the web pages on google. Each page that is required to rank is optimized with the keywords and mapped to the content present on the website.

What is page ranking in SEO

Keyword ranking in SEO

Keywords play a crucial role in SEO as all the tasks largely depend on this method. The sites that tend to rank higher do a lot of work in selecting the most appropriate ones for ranking in seo. Businesses that usually look to drive traffic to their websites should primarily focus on this at the high priority because just by driving the traffic would not meet their business/SEO goals.

The idea is to bring quality and relevant traffic to the sites for sales or conversions. Therefore to target any particular page, it is important to select the target keyword that will help to appear in the specific positions on the SERPS(Google).

Web pages with better keyword-optimized content will rank for more keywords and can also bring value to the SEO-aligned business goal. The ultimate goal here is to bring the website to the 1st page of Google as it has a higher CTR(click-through rate)

How to Increase SEO Ranking in Google

The first and foremost thing to do is to analyze where your website traffic is coming from. If your users or customers are searching for your product or services, then search engine optimization should be leveraged on the website. And if you’re really serious about how to improve ranking in seo, then here are some im which can help your website.

how to improve ranking in seo
  1. Producing high-quality content.
  2. Create user focus and user intent content.
  3. Optimize your keywords on the Metadata, Content body, and images.
  4. Improve page speed 
  5. Make sure SSL is enabled on the website
  6. Optimize for interlinking 
  7. Add relevant external links on the page.
  8. Avoid keyword stuffing as it can deter your improvements in ranking.

Which Ranking Signal Is Most Important in SEO

To determine the most important ranking signal in SEO is to always know the fundamentals and keep yourself thoroughly updated regarding the latest developments happening. In SEO, there are 3 aspects, mainly on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. For ranking signals, Google takes into account over 200 factors in determining the relevancy, authority, and popularity of the website. However, Google has laid down some guidelines for webmasters in optimizing the sites.

To be able to rank well on google, it is important to know the process of crawling indexing and ranking in seo. Google first crawls the site, then indexes it, and based on its ranking factors, determines the position of each and every website. Learn more on how search works from Google itself to better understand it.

What Is Alexa Ranking in SEO

Alexa ranking is a metric developed by Amazon for ranking sites based on popularity. This is used to analyze the user traffic and engagement the site is receiving. The lower the Alexa rank, the better the website is going to rank. It can also be used as an effective KPI in SEO to bring more traffic to the sites. Click to know more on Alexa rank

How to Check Keyword Ranking in SEO

The best place to start is checking the keyword ranking is on SERPS itself(i.e., Google). However, there are some amazing tools that can do the job for you by giving the exact position and other relevant information like keyword difficulty, previous position, search intent, CPC, etc. Some of the best tools are SEMrush, advanced web rankings, etc. these tools offer freemium and premium pricing plans. The best results and more enhanced insights can be obtained by the website ranking checker tool.


If you are just starting out with SEO on the website, then focusing on the right strategy and technical aspects can improve your rankings. Overall, an SEO strategy should be made for a minimum period of 6-12 months. By concentrating on on-page elements with relevancy, quality, and search intent is crucial. Checking and monitoring your site traffic on a consistent basis will also give you an idea of what is performing well and what needs to be further optimized or changed

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